By Vasantha

Simple to Abstract Nail Art

Image Credit : Pinterest

Seasonal nail art

Paint your nails to usher in new weather and vibes. Perhaps you already revamp your wardrobe according to the season-why not your nails? 

Summer nail art

The watermelon design represents summer's sunny days! With a narrow brush and black, green, white, and darker pink paint, a beginner nail artist can paint in the details near the tip of each nail. 

Watermelons don't have to be literal for summer nail art to be effective. Summertime French manicures are always a hit with friends, especially when they're colorful and fresh. 

Spring nail art

An unexpected rainbow can put a spring in your step. Rainbows are in your nails. Easy nail art lets you use every nail polish shade. 

Winter nail art

When it comes to winter manicures, snowflakes are a no-brainer. Detail with white polish after the base coat. Snowflake designs can be created by experienced nail technicians. 

Holiday nail art

Dressing for the holidays is a fun way to get into the festivities. Every occasion calls for a different manicure!

Christmas nail art

Christmas is synonymous with candy canes, one of the most iconic images. How much candy cane you incorporate into your Christmas nails is up to you.

Halloween nail art

Ghosts and black cats are the perfect companions to the spooky season. Try these iconic Halloween nail designs alternately or repeat them. 

Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Pink and red are already popular manicure colors for Valentine's Day. Get a pink French manicure next time. 

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