Suspected Iranian-affiliated drone kills US contractor and wounds five

By Rizwana

A US contractor became killed Thursday after a suspected Iranian-affiliated drone struck a.

Facility housing US employees in northeast Syria, the Pentagon said in a announcement.

The contractor became an American citizen, a spokesman for US vital Command showed. 5 US service.

Contributors and an extra US contractor were also wounded in the strike. The intelligence network investigate.

The UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) to be of Iranian origin,” the Pentagon said. In response to the strike.

President Joe Biden legal a precision airstrike “in japanese Syria in opposition to facilities used by companies affiliated with Iran’s.

Islamic progressive Guards Corps (IRGC),” Secretary of protection Lloyd Austin said in the announcement.

The united states, in line with the Pentagon declaration, took proportionate and deliberate movement meant to restrict the danger of escalation and reduce casualties.

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