The director of John Wick 5 responds positively to the shocking ending.

BY Rizwana

Given the shocking nature of Chapter 4's conclusion and the original cancellation of the sequel.

Director Chad Stahelski is upbeat about the prospects for John Wick 5. Chad Stahelski.

The director of the recently released movie John Wick, has expressed optimism about the possibilities of the sequel. In the most recent installment of the action.

Series, Keanu Reeves' titular killer faced off against the excessively ambitious Marquis de Gramont made one last effort to escape the High Table.

And obtain his release. John Wick: In the final scene of Chapter 4, Wick fought Caine in a High Table battle on the Marquis' behalf.

After feigning defeat, Wick shot and killed the Marquis, though he appeared to pass away from his injuries.Deadline spoke with Chad Stahelski to get his thoughts on John Wick.

Chapter 4 and the future of the series in advance of the movie's release. Following the character's demise in the most recent film, the director was questioned about the possibility.

Of a John Wick 5 and expressed optimism about the film's prospects, ensuring that he and Reeves would never turn down a return as long as it makes sense. Following is what Stahelski revealed.

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