The maximum Lana Del Rey Lyrics on Ocean Blvd, Ranked

By Rizwana

From the outlet track, “The presents,” named for Lana Del Rey’s family, it become clear that Did you realize That There’s a.

Tunnel under Ocean Blvd turned into a personal assignment. The relaxation of Del Rey’s ninth album is complete of reflections on her family, her relationships.

And her past, among some greater mundane information of her lifestyles. It’s also nonpublic in every other experience.

That it’s definitively with the aid of Lana Del Rey, with a number of the most identifiably Lana lyrics of the singer-songwriter’s prolific profession.

Which can mean many stuff, from canny observations approximately the nation of america to silly details.

About the banalities of Del Rey’s life. It’s simpler to just show you, so right here are the ten maximum-Lana lyrics on Ocean Blvd.

Lana herself doesn’t sing those lines they’re recorded from a sermon via her pastor, Judah Smith of Churchome.

So that they don’t definitely rely as Lana lyrics. however what is Lana Del Rey if no longer a preacher, preaching in most cases approximately herself?

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