A pet fish appears straightforward at first. Setting up one's environment is a challenge for many people (lol!). Based on how demanding they are to care for and how well they get along with others, we created a list of the best pet fish.

Betta fish have vibrant colors. They literally come in blue, purple, red, yellow, and brilliant orange hues.

1. Betta Fish

Plan on obtaining at least five cherry barbs for a single tank because they enjoy living together. They are also fairly timid.

2. Cherry Barb

These adorable fish, sometimes known as Cory catfish, are bottom feeders who like to scavenge for food (definitely buy bottom feeder tablets so they can dig for their meals).

3. Corydoras Catfish

The typical pet fish is a goldfish. There are other goldfish species (including Oranda, Shubunkin, Comet, and Ryukin), but we went with the fantail because of its unique appearance.

4. Fantail Goldfish

Guppies resemble bettas but lack the potential for aggression. The males may coexist peacefully with many other species and are just as colorful, if not more so, than the females.

5. Guppy

There are nearly 40 different species of molly fish, all of which are incredibly popular. There are several varieties that, despite being generally quite flexible and simple to maintain.

6. Molly Fish

Neon tetras are obligated to live in a school of other neon tetras. This explains why their fish's modest size warrants such a huge aquarium.

7. Neon Tetra

The playful, adaptive platy fish, which are native to Central America, are wonderful additions to the communities of freshwater aquariums.

8. Platy Fish

Due to their gorgeous appearance and care-free lifestyle, silver angelfish are among the most popular of the several species of angelfish.

9. Silver Angelfish

Swordtails enjoy company as long as their tank mates don't act aggressively; they are too kind to deal with conflict. Keeping just one swordtail is not a good idea since they will become depressed.

10. Swordtail

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