Top 10 Leo myths that are 100% false

By Vasantha

Leos are not attention seekers. She loves attention, but not too much. Leos prefer one person's attention over a crowd.

People love Leos.

There is no need to treat Leo like a princess. She expects respect as a queen. Leo simply demands the same respect others give her.

Queen treatment is what they want.

Drama isn't the same as passion. There is no back-talk among Leos. People can be offended by Leo's passionate arguments, sometimes without realizing it.

They thrive in drama.

Leos let others handle situations if they seem capable. If no one else takes charge, they often do. Listen to others and allow them to take control if they wish.

Leos are total control freaks.

Leo is not as cold as he seems. Leos care about those around them, even though they don't show their emotions.

Leo can be cold as ice.

Leos aren't picky in order to be difficult. There is usually no need to settle for less when they know what they want.

They're very picky.

Leo women are driven and focused. Despite her apparent self-serving actions, her ultimate goal is to live her dreams.

They're selfish.

Socially, Leos aren't necessarily great just because people like them. It's hard for Leo women to connect with others because they are shy, introverted, and often to themselves.

Leos are social butterflies.

Confidence intimidates others. Leos are confident, know what they want, and have strong opinions.

They're incredibly arrogant.

Leos value quality, but not always. Luxury cars and handbags are not necessarily their taste in things that enrich life.

 Leos have an expensive taste.

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