UConn destroys Gonzaga to go to their first Final Four in nine years.

BY Rizwana

Los Angeles The very last person to ascend the ladder was Dan Hurley. The net needed to be trimmed into only one more piece. The UConn coach.

Paused after taking out the scissors, then he placed them back in the holder. Instead, Hurley tore the twine from the hoop, held it up as a prize, and then.

Snatched the rim with both hands, shaking it in a way that seemed both enraged and ecstatic.It served as the ideal allegory for his No. 4 seed.

Huskies' rout of the West Region, which was finished with an 82-54 thrashing of No. 3 Gonzaga on Saturday night.

This victory sent UConn to its sixth Final Four, where they will play the winner of Sunday's Miami-Texas Midwest Region final.

When you play us for the first time, you'll notice that we're very special because of Adama Sanogo.

These two wings (Andre Jackson Jr. and Jordan Hawkins), as well as [Donovan] Clingan's arrival at 7-2 and the bench.

Shooting, according to Hurley. "We're a top-five offensive club, an excellent defensive squad, and we typically outrebound the opposition.

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