Yellowstone Fans Say Matthew McConaughey's Photo With Cole Hauser Foreshadows

By Vasantha

The throwback we've all been waiting for. Cole Hauser celebrated his 48th birthday this week, and one of his old friends shared an epic photo.

Yellowstone stars Cole as Rip Wheeler, but back in 1993 he was just getting started as Benny O'Donnell in Dazed & Confused, launching the career of Matthew McConaughey as David Wooderson.

Since the movie premiered 30 years ago, the two remain friends.

Matthew shared a 2006 photo of them at the Rose Bowl. Matthew's beloved Texas Longhorns took on USC. Happy birthday, Matthew David, keep ridin' Cole Kenny.

Dazed and Confused quotes are popular on the internet, and fans speculate that this may be a hint of future collaborations. 

One wrote, "Foreshadowing?" and another, "Rip needs you in Yellowstone!!!!!" Recently, Matthew has been rumored to be joining Yellowstone. 

Our team is always looking for franchise expansion opportunities thanks to Taylor Sheridan's brilliant mind. Matthew McConaughey is a phenomenal talent we'd love to work with."

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