Zodiac Sign with the Most Two-Faced Characteristics

By Vasantha

People with two faces are hard to spot. When you're out together, they're kind and complimentary.

The sign isn't mischievously two-faced. Even if that involves a few white lies, they are just trying to lift everyone's spirits.


Pisces people are known to be so empathetic they border on psychic. To make you feel better, they will also tell a white lie.


Crabs represent this sign, which is notoriously private. Their true feelings, opinions, and thoughts are also kept quiet.


He or she is probably a Libra. Because Libras cannot keep their mouths shut, they cannot keep secrets from themselves. Libras can't wait to share juicy secrets."


Some of the sneakiness on this sign veers into being two-faced. "Scorpios are ambitious and will go to any length to achieve their goals."


The two-faced sign can't be helped: They're of two minds. When one minute they say or do something, the next minute they do exactly the opposite


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